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Malargue: South of Mendoza, Argentina

Saturday, 01 August 2020 07:57

All you can visit in Malargue: natural parks: Payunia, Llancanelo, Las Brujas Caverns a lot of natural attractions on the way to every park Featured

Written by Adriana
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Malargue sign at Malargue town entrance Malargue sign at Malargue town entrance

What is there to explore in Malargue Mendoza?

That's something many people ask..what is over there..? in south Mendoza ?

If you are reading this article is because you probably heard about Malargue, didn’t you?, and to be honest .. Malargue is not a very well-known destination in Argentina...

Probably, you may hear about Las Lenas, the ski resort, or the Atuel Canon in South of Mendoza..

Many people think that Las Lenas is in San Rafael Department, however, is far from the real.. Las Lenas ski resort is in Malargue department..

The Atuel Canyon is in San Rafael Department and Las Lenas ski resort is.. in Malargue department

Malargue has always been associated with Las Lenas' airport, and that’s how Malargue became known in Mendoza..

It is surprising how many things actually Malargue has, and by having so much.. is not a very known place

Every day we meet with tourists who have been hosted in San Rafael or Mendoza City and they curiously arrive to Malargue because they had "one last free day" on their vacation program. That is when they find out there is way more to discover here and decide to come back in a future with more time to visit the town and it is surroundings.. You need to stay at least 4 or 5 days!!

That's why we created this show you that Malargüe has the particularly of being different to the rest of the province, by entering to this department you are entering to the north of famous Patagonia...

Here the weather, relief, and terrain change, distinctive seasons; we are at the foothills of the Andes.. Snowy cold winters and warm and sunny summers...that means unique views!

The only place in the province where there are no vineyards, weather, and altitude doesn't favor for that. Range of temperatures is important at 1400mts from the sea level!

Winter and springtime invite us to Ski in Las Lenas, playing in the snow or cuddle in front of the stove watching the snowfall

Summer and autumn take us to the mountains, visit the caverns, thermal waters, 4x4 rides in the variety of landscapes that changes behind every mountain with unexpected oasis with the purest freshwater.

Malargue Natural parks..

A curious fact are its protected natural parks ..

Did you know that Malargue has 4 of the 17 Mendoza Natural parks?

Payunia Reserve is a unique black desert with the biggest concentration of dormant volcanoes. A candidate for World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Caverna de las Brujas reserve is the biggest cavern of the country, Laguna Llancanelo reserve (protected wetland declared RAMSAR site) and Castillos de Pincheira Rock formation similar to a medieval castle)

That is not an insignificant number of natural attractions! Not to mention the rest to visit on the way to all those parks: Manqui Malal cascade, Malacara Volcano, Laguna Niña Encantada, The Carmona Maze , and many others.

Accommodation infrastructure & Facilities

Malargüe features an amazing infrastructure to host its visitors: variety on accommodation (Hotels, cabins, apart-hotels, hostels), restaurants, bars, and clubs. There's a cinema that operates at the "Conventions and Expositions Thesaurus Centre" and an exceptional Malargue planetarium: the first digital one in the country..

And the most important is the warmth of its people.. kindly when it comes to attending the tourist, give a helping hand when someone is in a hurry or just need guidance.

That's why Malargue is a destination that you can't avoid if you visit our province. I invite you to explore!!

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This is just the beginning! Hope you enjoy our blog where we'll be discussing everything you need to know about our natural reserves, culture, events, and provincial festivals as the "Fiesta Provincial De La Nieve" and "Festival del Chivo"

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